All the information will be End-to-End encrypted.
Optional user-to-user key can be created and stored in local storage.
Private transmission protocol.
Proprietary encryption algorithm.
Support burn after reading.
Support withdrawing messages for both users.
Androids ios windows: Available for Android, IOS and Windows.
Highly optimized group functions and authority management.
Support large group over 1000 members.
Support group chatting mute and stopping adding friend.
Support one-to-one and group chatting and moments.
Support sending image, video.
No back-up for chatting history.
No collecting for user’s device and network information.
No commercials.
No ill-purposed censorship.
Not belong to any business entity.
No political affiliation and sponsorship.
Illegal uses for terrorism, drug, fraud and weaponry etc. are forbidden.

Chat Freely

Tired of burdensome and over-commercialized for-profit IM services, Laser is for you who are yearning to freedom!

Armed with End-to-End encryption technology, Laser aims to provide users anonymous and safe messaging experiences.